Welcome to Sorriso Pasta!

You deserve to eat better pasta.

At Sorriso Pasta, we use stone milled flour to make pasta that is not only better for you, but also has an incredible amount of flavor. Our pasta retains the nutrient value that is lost by using processed flours, and is free of any harsh preservatives and chemicals.

This means our pasta is better for your body and A LOT BETTER for your digestive system. Whether you stopped eating pasta because it upset your stomach or because you are simply tired of bland and tasteless gluten free options, please try our pasta. It will change your life, as it has certainly changed mine.

Sorriso Pasta tastes better, smells better, and is in fact, far superior to any other kind of pasta on the market. Smell your flour from the store, it smells like cardboard. Our flour smells like wheat. It also tastes like wheat and feels like wheat. Pasta was originally made in Italy using freshly milled flour; this is how  pasta should be made and how I plan on making it for the rest of my life. It’s better pasta, period. It’s pasta that makes you smile.